As it gets closer to Christmas, all Post Offices get busier.

Here is our list of tips to remember so that we get the best Christmas service for us all!

  • Please park considerately – we are a pub as well as a PO and have lots of deliveries to the front of the building (customers may be asked to leave the queue to move a vehicle if required).
  • Please queue to the front of the bar so that our restaurant area is kept clear for diners.
  • Please make sure your packages are wrapped and clearly labelled with a post code. If you don’t know a postcode you can use to find it.
  • We do sell a small range of stationery including Sellotape. However, we cannot wrap your parcels – there really isn’t time.
  • We are open until 8pm on most evenings, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. If you can come ‘off peak’ please do, we’d love to see you!
  • We currently close from 1.30 to 2pm for lunch but we are hoping that we can stay open over the Christmas period (new recruits pending!)
  • Collection is 5.15pm weekdays and 11.45am Saturday. If you have an urgent need to catch the post please give yourself time to avoid any queues. We cannot reopen bags and the Postal Staff will not accept loose items.
  • Items over £50 and any value of cash, postal orders and jewellery can only be insured (within the UK) using the Signed For service starting at £6.50 – so please think before putting cash in envelopes!
  • We will always ask you what is in your parcels for security and safety. There is a list of prohibited items here: There is also a copy is displayed here at the Post Office. Please do not ask us to post them as we will not. If you don’t know what is in your item we will refuse it.

Banking via the Post Office:

  • Cash withdrawals, cheque deposits and cash deposits can be made with all banks including Barclays. However you will need your bank paying-in slip for any cheques.
  • There are restrictions on business banking deposits and change-giving requires a change card from your relevant bank. Will not exchange notes for coins as change is very restricted.

Ultimately please be nice to us. We are the only bank & Post Office in the village and we are small (but perfectly formed) with limited resources. Please be patient with us and treat our team with respect.