17 Aug
Post Office at The Cellar House.

Our on-the-ball team member Charlotte stopped a young lad getting scammed recently. We are trained at the Post Office to spot things that ‘don’t feel right’ – usually relating to Moneygram, and especially with older people sending a lot of charity donations, for example. This was Charlotte’s account:

“A lad came into the post office wanting to send a Moneygram. He had sold a bike on the website Gumtree and someone from Nigeria had bought it and said that they had transferred the money into his PayPal account, but that it wouldn’t be available until the lad had sent some money back to him through Moneygram. I asked to see the email verification.

I thought it was suspicious and called Julie, who confirmed it was a scam as she had experienced something similar not long ago with an iPhone someone had sold. The young customer was very grateful but quite shocked.”

We’re not just a Post Office you know!